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8. června 2008 v 13:52 | Marmota |  O mně / About me
This time by Geri. Although before her by Oona, sort of. But at that time I didn't get any good ideas what to write, so I ignored it...
What was I doing 10 yeas ago?
Well, I was ten, and it was June, so I was obviously looking forward to summer holidays. I would go to a holiday camp with many of my friends, and that would be awesome, I assure you. I also might have been carefully coloring in the Disney Hunchback of Notre Dame coloring pages I got from my sister for my tenth birthday. I was very keen on it back then, although I've actually never seen the film. And, last but not least, we had hamster back then, so I might have been playing with him.
5 things on my to-do list
None. I don't have a to-do list. When I have one, I usually do only half of the things on it, which is depressing. And, hey, who makes a to-do list for Sunday?
But I want to do some things. Like admire our cat and her kittens. And look at the load of photos I took yesterday on a railway trip. And maybe something else.
Snacks I enjoy
You don't really want to know...
You do? OK. Bread with grease, salt and onion. Toast with garlic. Scrambled eggs with onion (best on grease or butter!). Smoked sprats in oil as is from can (without the oil, though). Meat in many forms and ways of preparing. Halušky.
And pancakes. And sweet dumplings. Blueberries and all kinds of blueberry meals. Müsli with yoghurt. Kávenky (waffles with coffee flavour filling, from Slovakia). And when we're at it, also Mila (from the same company, with cream filling and coated with chocolate). And when we're at it, also chocolate. And when we're at it, also cocoa, although that's a drink. Cherries from our cherry tree. Apples. One special kind of corn cereals with honey flavour and coconut. Semolina porridge. Bread as is (the Czech wheat and rye kind). Sponge-biscuits (is it really called so?!). Banana milkshake. No, wait, that's a drink too.
Things I would do if I were a billionaire
I'm safe. That's not me. I'd spend the money on fabrics and books and DVD's before I could become a billionaire.
Places I have lived
Strange, but I've never moved in my live. I've always lived in this little town of Český Brod, although I was born in Plzeň. But that's just because my mom was born there and was visiting when it happened...
Jobs I have had
None yet. I'm a lazy person. And when I wanted to take a job when I came to university, father told me to study and don't be bothered by a job. I'm glad I did what he told me, after all.
6 people I want to know more about
Eeh... most of them aren't living persons anymore. Like apostle Paul or so, you know.
Satisfied, Geri?
EDIT: Wait! I didn't write there about drop (Dutch liquorice) and karvutes (Lithuanian toffee candy)! So, here I write about them.
And I realised there might be someone who makes a to-do list for Sunday... Ministers, priests and whatever other names people give them. I hope they have another day of the week without a to-do list.

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1 Geri Geri | E-mail | Web | 8. června 2008 v 18:47 | Reagovat


I am indeed satisfied. It was fun reading it and actually I am truly impressed by your snacking capacities. I don't like sweets (something went wrong from my birth on?) but the other snacks you have I will eat.

2 Marmota Marmota | 8. června 2008 v 19:07 | Reagovat

Hehe, of course I don't eat them all at one time! But I even left many out... Wait! I left out drop and karvutes! That can't be!

And I see I made a funny mistake there... shh! I'll correct it...

3 oonaballoona oonaballoona | E-mail | Web | 9. června 2008 v 5:02 | Reagovat

yeah, good LORD you can snack.  and i see from both your answers i have left out two questions, maybe i'll come out of my hole and do a post after all.

4 Marmota Marmota | 9. června 2008 v 9:04 | Reagovat

Some of the snacks are, actually, meant for dinner... and they become snacks when something is left.

And we never have all of these at home at one time, either, so it's simply a selection of what I like to eat.

5 Geri Geri | E-mail | Web | 9. června 2008 v 15:05 | Reagovat

Oh you are backing off now ;) but indeed I wouldn't think that you have them all at ONCE!

6 Marmota Marmota | 9. června 2008 v 20:40 | Reagovat

That would make me VERY sick, indeed...

7 oonaballoona oonaballoona | E-mail | Web | 10. června 2008 v 5:48 | Reagovat

i think i could do it.

8 Marmota Marmota | 10. června 2008 v 8:26 | Reagovat

As you wish... that's your problem... :-D

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