Tvarohové knedlíky / Sweet dumplings

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Tohle je příspěvek, jen abych dokázala, že jsem dnes taky tvořila, i když jsem byla nějak divně ospalá a neschopná...
This post is just to prove even today I created something, although I was strangely sleepy and not quite capable of anything...
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Knedlíčí miminko. :-)
A dumpling baby. :-)
Jinak, do těsta na tvarohové knedlíky má podle receptu přijít:
The dough for sweet dumplings should, following the recipe, include:
30 dkg hrubé mouky / rough (?) flour
15 dkg tvarohu / cottage cheese (although I'm not sure if the Czech kind is exactly what's usually called cottage cheese...)
1/8 l mléka / milk
1 vejce / egg
5 dkg másla / butter
Jo, a sůl. Na tu jsem zapomněla... Naštěstí sestra dost osolila vodu. / Yeah, and salt. I forgot to put it there... Fortunatelly my sister salted the water quite a lot.
Plnily jsme je se sestrou višněmi z naší vlastní višně, které ale, musím se přiznat, trhala babička, ne my...
We filled it, with my sister, with cherries from our cherry tree, though those had been, I have to admit, picked by our grandma, not by us.

UPDATES: Since I wrote this recipe, I've figured some things out... Czech "tvaroh" is curd, not cottage cheese. "Hrubá mouka", "rough flour", is flour that contains more of the outer parts of grain than the soft kind usual in Western countries, but it's not wholegrain. So it's simply - rougher; and it behaves differently when mixed with liquid ingrediences, and is used in dumplings because those would be too hard if made with the softer kind. I hope this helps.

Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.


1 maya maya | E-mail | Web | 11. července 2008 v 18:17 | Reagovat

This looks delicious! Thanks for the recipe. Unfortunately, my cherries will have to come from the market. :)

2 Marmota Marmota | 11. července 2008 v 22:39 | Reagovat

They taste delicious. :-) We ate them with fried breadcrumbs and sugar, classical topping in our family. But you can also eat them with sugar only, or cottage cheese and sugar, or... well, it depends on your liking. And you don't have to put there cherries, it can be also apples (halves or quarters), strawberries, or something other you like.

They should be cooked for 10-12 minutes, but the more genral advice is to wait until they come to the surface. They may come loose, but it's not a big problem.

3 Dalila Dalila | E-mail | 17. července 2008 v 19:51 | Reagovat

Hiya, I just thought I'd let you know that rough flour is probably hard flour. That's flour that has more gluten - compared to soft flour which is for cakes.

Thanks for this recipe! My Baba used to make all sorts of things (including plum dumplings) but she never had amounts in her recipes, she just said 'until it is soft enough' and stuff like that, so we have trouble replicating her delicious foods. Mmm...

4 Marmota Marmota | 17. července 2008 v 22:20 | Reagovat

Thanks, I'll look into it; and you're welcome. :-)

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