1 rhonda jean rhonda jean | E-mail | 9. ledna 2009 v 21:34 | Reagovat

Hi Hana, thanks for joining the table and for this recipe.  It sounds a little bit like our sponge cake.  I'll give it a try when we need another cake.

2 Marmota Marmota | 10. ledna 2009 v 12:22 | Reagovat

Hello Rhonda! Yes, it IS a sponge cake, I just could not remember the word!

3 rhonda jean rhonda jean | E-mail | 10. ledna 2009 v 19:38 | Reagovat

Thanks for the update, Hana. : - )

4 Marmota Marmota | 10. ledna 2009 v 23:15 | Reagovat

You're welcome. :-) There's also an update I didn't include in the post, the fact now we're definitely not short of milk for a time, because the local supplier that we used to buy milk from (and stopped doing so because he had started arriving at a deadly time of the day - night, actually - and couldn't be talked out of it) - stopped by with a surplus around noon today. So, naturally, we snapped it and didn't let go. :D There's nothing better I know than "milk from a cow" (as father calls it and me after him)! I need to drink it quickly before it goes bad, but I think that won't be a problem for me... the good thing is, EVEN if it goes bad, it's still quite drinkable, unlike the pasteurised stuff you get in shops. Ha! Milk goodness for me this weekend!

5 derva derva | E-mail | Web | 18. prosince 2009 v 12:55 | Reagovat

i just stumbled upon your blog...lol...so cute!

6 The Dreamstress The Dreamstress | Web | 27. prosince 2009 v 3:38 | Reagovat

Hi!  Just discovered your blog through demode.  I love the way you mix costuming and sewing and other random stuff - totally like me!

And I love simple living and am definitely going to try the sponge cake (I'm still trying to make a decent sponge cake - don't know why I am so bad at it!)

7 Marmota Marmota | Web | 30. prosince 2009 v 20:53 | Reagovat

[6]: I love your blog! My costuming is nowhere near as good as yours (especially not my knowledge!), which of course makes me love your blog even more. I must have already stumbled upon it earlier, because I remember having read the review of the new book on corsets. Do you know "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" by any chance? ;-)

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