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Honest Scrap

26. února 2010 v 19:23 | Marmota |  O mně / About me
Omlouvám se Čechům za angličtinu. Časem, co nejdřív, sem hodím i českou verzi tohohle příspěvku. Ale jelikož to začalo jako reakce na anglickojazyčné "šťouchnutí", začala jsem to psát anglicky a nějak se mi to vymklo z rukou, co se týče délky.

Oona awarded me. Or you could also say tagged me; it works both ways.
And not just with one blog award, but two! Now that's interesting.
It's interesting because the rules for the awards are similar - they ask you to write some things about you that your readers may not know - but each of them asks for a different number of things.
Oona was clever and approached it in a mathematical fashion. She ended up with 8 ½ things. I like that approach, so I'll stick to it. Thanks, Oona.
This is English version. I'll post a Czech one as well, later, but probably in a seperate post. It got long. And much more honest than I originally intended it to be.

1. I have a deviantART account. For photos, pictures and stories, and something of the rest in between. http://marmota-b.deviantart.com/

2. My stories, mostly unwritten as of now, are part of an immense and evolving set of stories, all or most of them somehow linked to one another. Think J.R.R. Tolkien, without all the things that make it specifically Tolkien. It started out long, long time ago, when I was five or so, as a mess of a fantastic crossover between things I liked, from biblical stories and fairy tales to Karl May. It tends to be much more civil and behaved recently.

3. Before I started making up stories about people (people not necessarily being human), I made up two fantastic beings, čtyřiska (a made up word that has to do with the number four) and maloun (a completely made up word, that however seems to have something in common with melon - at least in my mind). The question is, though, whether I really made them up, because the whole point of them was that they were.
Čtyřiska is "a blue bug with four legs that has little-line-stomach". Maloun "looks like a polar bear without arms". Poor maloun, with only hind legs.

4. It's quite obvious from the title of my blog that my favourite animals are marmots. But there are others, like pandas - both giant and red, bears in general, llamas, cats (you've got to love them when you have six of them... and one purring in my lap as I type this, being my favourite animal at the moment), rabbits, otters... I have a soft spot for bats and ravens/rooks/crows, too. And it has nothing to do with night and darkness, as you might suspect. OK, so it has partly to do with night in the case of the bats. The warm nights of summer with skies full of stars, when you feel small and a bit sad and yet happy just that way. And don't tell me you don't know the feeling. I either won't believe you or feel sorry for you.

5. Pandas are important because of my favourite plushie. My aunt made it - him, I mean! I used to write stories about my plushies, who were actually my characters, of course. I still tend to ascribe personalities to my plushies, even though now they mostly serve just as something fluffy to clutch when I feel a bit down before sleeping. It's good to have plushies for that purpose, even when you're 22. Believe me.

6. The first story I ever finished (at least one that was long enough to really count as a story and not just a drabble) was still in the line of the fantastic mess of a crossover, although there was already much more of me and my own characters in it, thankfully. Otherwise it was quite badly written, with many clichés, but I was very young, so in light of that it's not such a bad story after all. I had some really good ideas for some moments of it (some of which I'm still fond of) and struggled hard to fill in the rest. The good thing to say for it is that I knew how it would end when I started writing it. That seems to be my personal rule for good storywriting now. Even this doesn't always work, but it seems it never works when I don't know the ending.

7. The next story I finished - or almost finished, because there are some little unfinished bits here and there - was much longer and took me several years to complete. I filled nine A5 exercise books with it (some of them thin, though) and missed it a lot when I came to the ending I had foreseen when I started writing it. Over the course of writing it, many things had changed, including the particular circumstances of the foreseen ending and my writing style - and my main character, Vladyka. Which was the point of the story, so it was a good thing. He's now, still, my favourite character ever, I believe. He started out, both as a person in the story and as a character, as a teenager with the usual bunch of teenaged problems, except that he lived in an unusual neighbourhood... Stínadla. Still a bit of a crossover there - I'll probably never fully grow out from that. But I managed to implement my own points of view into the story. Vladyka grew into something much more than just a teenager with teenaged problems during the course of the story, and as a character, too. He was the first character whom I was able to imagine older and grown up, and that certainly marks him as special.
I wrote the story for my sister, because she asked for a story for her birthday. I finished it long after that particular birthday. If I ever, hypothetically, get it published (which isn't very likely to happen, considering the setting), it will be dedicated to her. Period.

8. If you want to know what Vladyka is like now that he's grown up, read this story: http://marmota-b.deviantart.com/art/Beyond-98454428 - he's not the main character there, but he's nonetheless very important. I'm rather proud of this story - while feeling as if I hadn't written it myself, because it sort of grew under my fingers as I typed - I started it just as an exercise in writing in English, playing with an idea I got from a strangely realistic dream, and it grew to be 12 pages long, more than I had expected it to. And it threw a new character at me. Stories behave like that sometimes.

And the half: The story that's currently lurking in my head is, again, in the line of fantastic mess of a crossover - this time I want to make it a sensible fantastic mess of a crossover, where the "crossover" part would be part of the point, not just a surfacing randomness. I don't know when it will be done - probably still long after I get more sense of it. And, surprise, it will have a totally new set of characters. It will deal with...

I award Celtic Fairie of Total Procrastination. Because I can, and I want to.

And Becky of Sew and So. Because, among other things, the title of her blog finally taught me how to pronounce "sew".

And Janul. Consider it a birthday gift of sorts.

Neither of you has to do this kind of post. I know I'm breaking the rules, but I don't want to spoil the joy of being awarded by forcing you into something.